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Rapid Recovery Principles

rapid recovery joint replacement patient programme
Efficiency and Quality Management

Through reviewing the current processes of each department in each stage of patient care, unnecessary aspects can be identified.  Working together, the multi-disciplinary team can develop a new and efficient pathway that ensures all processes are of value to the patient.


Standardised Protocols and Pathways for the Pre, Peri and Post-operative Care

Standardising protocols and procedures reduces the risk of error.  Each discipline works together to develop a process of care.


Pain management sympathetic to an early mobilisation

Standard protocols of pain management ensure that methods facilitate early mobilisation and effective pain control.


Patient Education

The programme focuses on educating patients so that they have realistic expectations and understand each step of their care.  This reduces anxiety and encourages shared responsibility for their recovery.  They attend an education session where they meet professionals from each discipline and can ask any questions.


Early mobilisation and rehabilitation

Each discipline works together to ensure that every process of care facilitates the early mobilisation and rehabilitation of the patient


Group dynamics

Going through the pathway as part of a group enables the patients to encourage and motivate each other in their education and recovery.  Having a family member or friend as a ‘Coach’ also ensures consistent support and encouragement in recovery.


Planned discharge

Discharge is planned prior to admission.  Patients, their families and the care providers work together to ensure that there will not be any avoidable delays. 


Clinical approach

Clinical data is collected to assess the outcomes of the programme in order to continually develop best practice.  Both patient and staff satisfaction is recorded, along with any complications, readmissions and any other data that would help to monitor and improve care.

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