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Pre-Assesment Nurse

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"...patients who go to Joint School recover better than the patients who haven’t been to Joint School..."

Norma Mpofu

My name is Norma, I’m one of the nurses from pre-op assessment in Hillingdon Hospital.  My role when I come to the Joint School is to answer questions from patients who have gone home and had a think of the questions they want to know about the Joint School, and to facilitate their bloods, their M.S.U’s and any other investigations that would have been requested.

Patients come to Joint School, obviously they have had the pack that we’ve given them when we see them after they have seen the surgeon, because when we see them we give them the pack to take home with all the questionnaires and the information about coming to Joint School.

So when they come in we are the first to see them, we normally and ask them questions and get their samples if need be. After that they see the ward nurse who goes through their stay in the ward and their journey on the ward, and they see the physiotherapist as well.

Then they get to see the anaesthetist who goes through the anaesthetic process with them.  I suppose they see the pain nurse as well, who goes through the pain relief with them.

I find patients who go to Joint School recover better than the patients who haven’t been to Joint School, because when they come to Joint School, mentally they are prepared and they know they will be in hospital for 3 days, unlike someone who hasn’t been to Joint School - they are coming in thinking that they might be in hospital for 7 days or something like that.

So I find mostly those who come to Joint School already have their information with them; they already have their exercises with them, so after the operation they are keen to get on with it.

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