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Joint School

"Joint School has been one of the most exciting and effective parts of the Rapid Recovery Programme"

David Houlihan-Burne

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Patient Information

Educating the patient and setting expectations on both sides is a key feature of the Rapid Recovery Programme.  This focus on patient education encourages the patient to understand the process of their care, and be actively involved in their own recovery.

Patients attend an education session called ‘Joint School’ as part of a group, around two weeks before their operation.  A presentation is given by a professional from each department on the specific stages of their care.  The stages are explained in detail to give a thorough understanding of what to expect.

As Rapid Recovery emphasises pre-operative preparation, many processes that would normally start post-operatively are organised before surgery.  The Physiotherapist teaches the patients their exercises so that the patient is able to begin them as quickly as possible after their operation. 

A team member will do a pre-assessment check on the patients home situation and have the essential equipment in the patient’s home before they come into hospital.  Knowing that everything is pre-prepared greatly reduces the patient’s anxiety.

Joint School is an opportunity for patients to ask any questions in a relaxed setting.  Being with others going through the same procedure also builds up a support system.  Patients can attend with a ‘coach,’ a friend or relative who will be able to motivate and encourage the patient in recovery.

The emphasis on positive thinking, having realistic expectations and a strong support system to encourage recovery makes the educational session a fundamental concept of the Rapid Recovery programme.


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