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Patient Stories



"I run, I do anything and everything, I’ve got a smile on my face because I’m happy again."

Mr Francis, Patient

I was taking a lot of painkillers every hour on the hour.  I did sports more or less all my life, every sport going, and also martial arts; Karate, Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Jujitsu; all the different styles.  I’ve got seven different black belts in first dan, I’ve got fifth dan in one and fourth dan in the other.  So not bad!

I was walking down the street one day and started getting pain.  Obviously I had to kind of adjust, and then I started walking with a limp to adjust for the pain.

And I just stopped all sports.  To be honest with you the pain was so hard it was a waste of time doing sports, so I just stopped it.

I am actually back training, I’m teaching again.  I run, I do anything and everything, I’ve got a smile on my face because I’m happy again.

Going to Joint School

Basically I was a bit scared to start with because I didn’t really want to see actually what was going to happen, but it actually explained what was going to happen, the physio came and explained, the nurses explained and I felt more comfortable and more relaxed.

My daughter came to the hip school because she was sick off school that day and she really enjoyed it, and it even made her mind at ease.  If I didn’t come to the hip school I think I would be a nervous wreck but they reassured me, so I felt better.

When I came back six weeks after the operation, I met quite a few of them as well and they all had walking sticks and two crutches, and I had nothing so I was smiling.  There was a little bit jealousy going on because I had no sticks and they all still had their sticks.  But when I explained that I did listen to the physio and I actually was doing the exercises at home, then they said they must go and do their exercises because a lot of them were just sitting in front of TV, watching TV.

Fantastic, because as I say I’m back training, I teach kids, teach adults, teach self-defence, teach cricket, all different sports, free of pain. So I don’t have to keep wondering ‘is it going to hurt, is it going to do this’, I just carry on doing it as normal so there is no hold back.

To be honest with you when people ask me about where to go I always say come to Mount Vernon.

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If you are a patient reading this story, please bear in mind that it is one individual person’s health story that is being presented here.  Whether this surgery would also be possible in your circumstances, and whether results could be similar, depends entirely on your doctor’s evaluation, your personal health situation, age, fitness, weight and a number of other circumstances.  Please also bear in mind that having surgery is always associated with risk and that you must take time to recover; in particular, the success of a surgery depends to no small extent on your own commitment to physical therapy following surgery.