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Patient Stories


" was so frustrating that I couldn’t do things as quickly as I wanted"

Mrs Jessie Evans, aged 74

Mrs Evans had her left knee replaced through the Rapid Recovery programme, five years ago she had a right total knee replacement.

"I had a total left knee replacement and it’s actually ten weeks today I was in theatre at this time.

The difficulty was walking, I was zig-zagging! You would have thought it was my hip but it was my knee, and I had two speeds which were 'dead-slow' and 'stop'. I had to use a stick. I used to have pain, but to be fair it was not continual pain. It was pain when I went to bed at night,  if I’d been walking a lot in the day then it would swell and it would ache. I know I’m an elderly lady, but I really felt an old old lady and it was so frustrating that I couldn’t do things as quickly as I wanted, so really my quality of life was not as I’d like it to be.

I had my right knee done five years ago this March and there was no Joint School it was just going to see your Orthopaedic Surgeon, and you’d be in and have your operation. This time it was different, I did attend, and it was quite an experience. My husband came with me as well and he was quite interested. We had a talk from the Anaesthetist, the Physiotherapist, the Sister on the ward and there was an ex-patient that had come there, he’d had both his knees done and he was saying how wonderful it was.

I was up the night of the operation, I was stood out of bed about quarter to five at night. The next day you were up in a chair, which was very good because when you’re up in a chair your knee is bent and the bending is the worst thing, you’ve got to persevere in doing it and it’s wonderful.

I’m walking straight now, go a bit faster. I do use a stick, but I won’t need that, it’s just for some extra strength when I'm out."

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If you are a patient reading this story, please bear in mind that it is one individual person’s health story that is being presented here.  Whether this surgery would also be possible in your circumstances, and whether results could be similar, depends entirely on your doctor’s evaluation, your personal health situation, age, fitness, weight and a number of other circumstances.  Please also bear in mind that having surgery is always associated with risk and that you must take time to recover; in particular, the success of a surgery depends to no small extent on your own commitment to physical therapy following surgery.