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What is Joint School?

About Joint School

Joint School is a unique and exciting day where you will have the opportunity to learn about your whole patient journey and meet other people who are also having a joint replacement. It is a key feature of the Rapid Recovery Programme and focuses on educating you about the process of your joint replacement, and how you can be actively involved in your own recovery.

A few weeks before your operation you will be invited to an educational session called ‘Joint School’ where a series of presentations are given by the Pre-Assessment Nurse, Surgeon, Physiotherapist and Pharmacist. Each stage of your care will be explained so you have a thorough understanding of what to expect. The session will last approximately 4 hours and you are encouraged to ask any questions you have however simple you may feel they are. Being with others going through the same procedure also builds up a support system. 

Rapid Recovery emphasises pre-operative preparation, many processes that would normally start post-operatively are organised before surgery.  The Physiotherapist will teach you exercises that you can begin before you are admitted in to hospital. This will start to prepare your muscles & soft tissues to receive your new joint replacement and also give you the confidence to start them as quickly as possible after your operation. The stronger the muscles and the greater the range of movement, the more you benefit from the surgery.

A team member will do a check on your home situation prior to your operation, to ensure you have the essential equipment before you come into hospital. You are then able to practice using the new equipment so you are confident to use once home following your operation. 

Patient Coaches

We encourage you to attend with a ‘coach’; a friend or relative who will be able to motivate and encourage the patient in recovery. This is a person chosen by you to support and encourage you throughout your treatment, before your admission to hospital, while you are in hospital and at home afterwards. A coach is often a partner, a family member or a good acquaintance but can be anyone you choose. The coach will not be expected to carry out any clinical (nursing) duties nor do they need any medical expertise. They will, however, play an important role in supporting you throughout your experience.

Coaches play a vital role in the recovery and rehabilitation process and evidence shows that this encouragement greatly enhances recovery. They therefore, will need to be committed in providing their time to be a Coach. Involve your coach as much as possible during your time leading up to your operation. They can be invaluable to you in organising your home and helping you with your pre-operative exercises.

The emphasis on positive thinking, having realistic expectations and a strong support system to encourage recovery makes the educational session a fundamental concept of the Rapid Recovery programme.

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