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What is Rapid Recovery?

Rapid Recovery is a programme for hip and knee patients undergoing joint replacement surgery.

Through the programme the average hospital stay is reduced, but every patient is different.  The programme promotes a rapid recovery but patients never leave hospital until they are ready.

Patients attend a ‘Joint School’ at the hospital prior to their admission.  They will be invited to bring a relative or friend to act as a ‘coach’ and support them.  Information on all aspects of having a joint replacement are provided.  Patients meet all the team members that will be involved in their care from the Pre-Assesment Nurse, to the Surgeon, Physiotherapist and Pharmacist.  This really helps to take away the fear and worry that having surgery can bring.  Patients are encouraged to take responsibility for their recovery and a pro-active approach is encouraged.

After the operation the programme focuses on getting patients out of bed and starting to move their joint as soon as possible with the support of good pain management.   This results in patients making a quicker recovery than average and being able to return to active life as soon as possible.


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