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Theatre Care Rapide

Primary Knee Arthroplasty Product Portfolio



Vanguard Knee System

  • Vanguard Femur  – CR & PS
  • Vanguard Tibia – Modular Finned Tray
  • Bearing options – ArCom CR & PS



 Primary Hip Arthroplasty Product Portfolio



TaperLoc BoneMaster

  • Standard & Complete

Exceed ABT BoneMaster Shells

  • Standard and RingLoc-x


Exceed ABT Acetabular Liners

  •  ArCom and E1 – Hi-wall


CoCr and C2A Delta Ceramic Heads


Signature - Patient Matched Instrumentation (PMI)

The Signature system addresses anatomic individuality with an image-based approach to interactive preoperative planning, visualisation and creation of patient-specific surgical positioning guides.  


The Signature system, in combination with the Vanguard® Total Knee System, delivers personalised patient care.


  • Provides optimal surgical solutions for patients based on individual anatomy
  • The Signature system accurately predicted the correct size of implants in up to 86.3% cases1
  • Less invasive procedure and significant bone preservation 
  • Improved operating room efficiencies
  • Reduced duration of rehabilitation 


Click here for more information on Signature

 Theatre Care Rapide - Sterile Patient Specific Instrumentation


Knees - Vanguard   Hips - Taperloc/ Exceed ABT



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  1. Intraoperative Benefits of Signature Personalised Patient Care in Total Knee Arthroplasty. Safa Kassab M.D. and William S. Pietrzak Ph.D.