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Theatre Care Rapide

Delivering Service Excellence

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Understanding the challenges

Adapting to the demands of contracting budgets, forward-thinking trusts recognise that collaborative working between healthcare providers and industry can improve Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention1.


The Concept

The pioneering Theatre Care Rapide service delivers sterile, patient-matched instrumentation to your operating theatre, safely and reliably.  This bespoke service greatly reduces pressures on your operating theatre department, sterile services department and the associated logistics.  


The unique benefits of the Theatre Care Rapide service, when implemented in synergy with Biomet’s reconstructive products and technologies, significantly improves the efficiency of the operating room, whilst greatly reducing the hospitals inventory requirements by enhancing  the accuracy of procuring orthopaedic instrumentation. 




‘Efficiency without quality is unthinkable.
Quality without efficiency is unsustainable’


  1. The QIPP Challenge to the NHS in England: